VCN Crash Replacement Scheme

Commencing 1st February 2014, the club will be implementing the following crash replacement scheme:

Any full, paid up member of VC Norwich who accidentally damages beyond repair an item of VCN cycle clothing in a crash whilst riding is entitled to apply to purchase from the club a replacement item with a 25% discount on the replacement price.

  • All official VC Norwich Castelli cycle clothing and Champion time trial clothing are covered by the scheme.
  • The damage must have occurred as a result of an accident in which the club member has been involved whilst wearing the item and whilst riding his or her bicycle.
  • The scheme covers items damaged on any ride at any time.  (e.g. On and off-road, racing and non-competitive, VCN and non-VCN organised events or rides, riding with others and riding solo, to include commuting.)
  • The scheme applies only to items damaged to the extent that they can no longer be worn and cannot be reasonably repaired.  (e.g. Superficial or cosmetic damage will not apply.)
  • The rider must be a full, paid up member of VC Norwich at both the date that the damage occurred and the date of purchasing a replacement under the scheme.
  • The scheme does not apply to Second Claim members of VC Norwich.
  • Applications to purchase a replacement under the scheme must be made in writing (email is sufficient) to the VCN Committee with full details of the item, the time, date, place and circumstances of the accident, what damage was caused and how.
  • Where possible, the damaged item will need to be inspected by the Committee before a final decision is made.
  • If replacement under the scheme is approved, then the damaged item must be replaced with an identical item of the same size.
  • Replacement of a damaged item is subject to availability.
  • It will not be possible to take a cash option instead of a discount on a replacement item.
  • The decision of the Committee on any application is final and VC Norwich reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the scheme at any time, by giving notice to the membership.

Please submit any claims under this scheme to: or Rob Stronge, Ceol Mor, Gt Melton Road, Little Melton, Norwich, NR9 3NR