Originally formed in 1976 Velo Club Norwich is one of the largest cycling clubs in East Anglia offering a full schedule of events, club rides and training opportunities. In its early years the club had an unashamed racing focus and Tom Smith, the club’s founder, lead a team of top local names to regional and national success.

Re-invented in the late 80’s as a cycling club rather than a race team Tom Smith, Ted Hendersen and Rob Smith (who still serves as VCN’s general secretary) set out to create a club that appealed to a broader audience and promoted all aspects of cycling. In those days the club numbered less than 30 members but by the early 90’s with a thriving mountain bike section, club riders, road racers and time trialists the membership had swelled to close to 100.

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By the beginning of this century VCN had established itself as a key feature on the Eastern club landscape. With a focus on road riding in its many guises we have gained a good track record of developing riders and supporting them in the various leagues and races around the region as well as offering a wide variety of training and club rides throughout the week.

The club also has an active (and growing) female membership and is proud to claim Emma Pooley as one of the club’s alumni.

Like many clubs across the country VCN finds itself serving a rejuvenated interest in cycling generally. In the Norfolk area, blessed as we are with some of the best conditions for cycling anywhere in the country, the active club scene represents more than 1000 cyclists. VCN’s membership at over 160 stands at its highest ever and together with the other local clubs our riders can choose from an impressive array of events through the year; from the annual two day Tour of Norfolk to the weekly clubruns; from our open events to the year long ERRL road race series.

Join us and ride in the company of like minded enthusiasts!


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