Safe Cycling for Group/ Peloton

The most important factor of VC Norwich rides is that everyone has a safe ride. Accidents do happen, but if cyclists ride sensibly and appropriately, they should be rare. With this in mind, we would like to remind all members and riders about safe group cycling.

All riders must:

1. Give warning* of obstacles and approaching vehicles (but do not take risks with riding one-handed);

2. Ride no more than 2-abreast;

3. Keep to the correct side of the road;

4. Avoid sudden braking or sideways movements except in emergency;

5. Be aware of the cyclists directly in front of you, in case they slow or stop;

6. Be aware that if you stand up in the saddle abruptly your bike will suddenly move ‘backwards’;

7. When singling out, communicate clearly with the riders around you (the recommended technique is for the inside cyclist to go ahead. The outside cyclist is then able to see immediately when it is safe to move in.

8. Move to the back of the bunch if you need to remove clothing, check you phone (not recommended) or something else that might disrupt the bunch or involve risk.

9. Keep your position in the bunch as it rotates. If you do not want to ride on the front, move forward in position and rotate immediately when you reach the front.

10.  Be in control of your bicycle at all times.

* Warnings commonly used include: –
  • Car up! (ie behind)
  • Car down! (ie in front)
  • On the left/right! (ie an obstacle on left/right)
  • Hole!
  • Loose! (ie loose gravel etc)
  • Sharp bend!
  • Slowing /Easy!
  • Stopping!
  • Clear left/right! (ie at junction, no traffic approaching from left/right)
  • Single out! (ie move into single file)

This list is not intended to be comprehensive.  It is the responsibility of each cyclist to ensure that they ride safely at all times and that they do not cause danger, risk, damage or injury to themselves or their bicycles, other cyclists or their bicycles or other road users.