NMG Sportive Trophy update

NMG Sportive Trophy update

An early reminder this month to get your claims in, as the newsletter’s coming out a little early if I can pull my finger out and get it done before disappearing off on my hols to chalk up a couple of hundred miles to drag myself up the table.
A late claim for May miles from Nick Kidd has catapulted him up the rankings.
So has anyone been travelling the country, picking up the miles, and is ready to assail the lead of runaway mileage monster Jonathan Greenway or last year’s winner and current second wheel Sean Quarmby?
And if you haven’t joined in already, why not add yourself to the list by sending me a list of your sportive miles ridden so far this year.
Qualifying rides are organised sportives, reliabilities and audices, over a measured course, which you have had to enter, and non-competitive in nature.
Email claims to and let me do the rest.